Sports Betting in Malaysia

While horse betting is permited and is quite popular in Malaysia, all other forms of sports betting are prohibited, also football betting online Malaysia. The British were the ones who introduced horse racing to the country many years ago though making a bet on horse races is strictly monitored by the Malaysian Racing Association. Not only that, bets are also only permited in a few tracks across the country and some of the popular ones can be found at the Penang, Perak and Selangor Turf Clubs.


Along with this, every other type of sports betting is considered illegal, which means that you will not find out any sports bookies or bookmakers locally. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is none that is executing illegally in underground sports betting markets throughout the country. Many people still continue to wager through these shady channels in spite of the many risk of cheating and match fixing.

Online Betting in Malaysia

At the present , there are no known Malaysian Internet sports bookies and any sports betting online even football betting online Malaysia is strictly prohibited. In 2003, a company called Ascot Sports was granted a license from the Malaysian government to operate as a bookmaker in the country for a total of 25 years. On the other hand, the government decided to change its Malaysian GDWON333 gambling laws, and the license was withdrawn which forced the company to close. The company then moved to the Internet for its new venture, having purchased a license from the Isle of Man, and provided services in both English and Chinese to cater to a wider audience. On the contrary, it later closed down in early 2008 and is no longer providing football betting online Malaysia wagers.

In addition, there are a serious lack of selections should one wish to bet online in Malaysia these days though you may do it through a large network of international sportsbooks that permit players from Malaysia and some even cope with the Malaysian Ringgit currency. Not a lot can be done about the presence and availability of these foreign online sportsbooks though the government is still trying to prevent its use as much as possible by requiring the banks to stop these gambling transactions. In conclusion, many of them still choose to ignore the creed because of the difficulty of making such a complicated system into place.