Planning for gambling with success

It was a fact that anyone or everyone once in a while have won a game of gambling. Like when you spun a GDWON333 Highway king and earn yourself an extra buck ten or twenty. Or when you able to roll top dices. All of these seem to be convey by the luck isn’t it? Do you know Don Johnson? A guy who want black jack in Atlatic city’ s casino for 15.1 Million and able to change his life style within a night? Many of gambler believe he has so much luck either it was a charm or his birth right and etc. etc. But do you know that he did claimed once that his victorious has nothing to do with that so call superstitious everyone wants to believe at all. So how can he won that big then? Let’s find out shall we?



As I have mentioned above, Luck has nothing to do with a game of gambling at all. No rarest rabbit foot in the world could ever help you to won against a game of poker or roulettes and never a lady luck would conjured you a pot of gold just because you are suppose to be lucky, If you want to be success, Throw this Luck believe out of the window immediately.


This is what you should have in your mind instead of Luck. When you play any game, it require you to be very focused and see the game thoroughly. How the hands play on the table. where does the ball on the table go the most and everything of all. Remember that you are the one player and there are no other factor to help you see the game better than your own mind.


Not the kind of that “Poker face” you have heard so much, We talking about the streaking of win and loss you feel. When you won there are always something in your head told you to keep on betting and playing to won even more. Which is the most way every gambler loss all of their previous earning. Think of it like a professional batter, Every swing was a new one and you will not stuck with your previous success. Always think new and prepare for new events as well.

Suck it up and built onward

Asked any experience gambler or even the most victorious one about if they ever have a hard time. The answers will all be the same. Yes, they do. There will be a time you have to spent some of your own life and blood from private bank account to get the game going. But that doesn’t mean you are at the end of the line, Instead be more precautious about the game you are on and focused yourself on the game. After all it is all about you. And if you managed to spiked up the number in your bank account. Don’t go on and spent it all on Ferrari. Like in gambling, You should plan ahead about your quick earn profit and get it in the right place for this time, Your own succession in life.