Malaysian Home Ministry Amends Laws to Fight Illegal Gambling

Malaysia’s Home Ministry told local media that it is contemplating on introducing a set of amendments to obvious existing laws in a bid to cope with the constantly increasing number of illegal GDWON333 gambling Malaysia cases in the country.

Current Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed commented that the country’s police cannot correctly curb illegal online gambling activities because of the existing laws. Following as the official, changes need to be put into effect in those regulations. However, this would not be an easy task as the laws are under the authority of a number of ministries.


The Minister claimed that the proposed amendments cover supplys in the Lotteries Act 1952, Common Gaming House Act 1953, Communications and Multimedia Act, and Gambleting Ordinance 1953. Following as the official, the changes would result in effective regulations for tackling illegal online gambling Malaysia, particularly online gambling activities.

Malaysia’s Deputy Home Minister added that the country really needs to look for a quick solution to the problem as illegal Internet gambling operators have become “more slick” in the way they offer their services.

Minister Nur Jazlan said that local police officers had turned to laws under the country’s Prevention of Crime Act so as to arrest 29 people for illegal gambling. The Deputy Home Minister also claimed that the Home Ministry had issued obvious guidelines to instruct officials for all Malaysian states about the issuance of allows for the opening of both family and public entertainment venues and the prevention of illegal online gambling Malaysia activities at the same time.

Because of the somewhat archaic regulations, there were as many as 5,834 successful anti-illegal gambling operations out of more than 100,000 raids on outlets providing gambling selections illegally. Minister Nur Jazlan said that of those, a whole of 15,154 illegal gambling operators and customers were prisoned during the said raids. What is more, more than 70,000 computers and gaming machines were seized together with illegal gambles of more than RM70.1 million.


The operations have been carried out during the first eleven months of the 2015. The reported figures are expected to grow significantly by the end of the year.

In September, it was announced that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has prevented 306 online gambling sites after reports that those included criminal elements. Previous year, the Commission prevented 235 such sites under the above-mentioned Common Gaming House Act 1953.