How to play the slot game great blue

New slot game is being so popular at casino online which called Great Blue (great blue slot game). This article will guide you how to play and how to bet for winning easier at Online Bookie.


This is the ways of playing Great Blue:

  1. The betting denomination (coin value) will be chose by pressing Click to Change at bottom – left corner in the screen.
  2. Betting on each line may be chose by pressing Bet per line. Each time pressing is added more a coin in this turn. When it is up to maximum (10 coins of betting denomination chose), pressing this button again.
  3. Payline may be chose by pressing Lines. Each time pressing is to activate one payline.

When all paylines are activated, pressing this button again to reset it returns into one payline. Payline still may be activated by using buttons which be in any direction of reel.

Whenever you choose a higher payline, you will be concurrent to choose all lower paylines (example, if you choose payline 6, all paylines from 1 to 5 will be activated).

You still press Bet Max to activate all paylines and start rotating reel.

  1. All betting money each turn = the betting money each line X payline chose.
  2. Pressing Spin to rotate reel with lines and betting line you choose. In rotating, button

Spin will be changed by button Stop. Pressing Stop to stop rotating and showing the result immediately.

  1. Reel will be rotated by using the function Auto Start. Pressing + or – which above Auto Start to choose how many time rotating turn next. Pressing Auto Start to rotate. Auto Start will be changed Stop in Auto Start mode. This mode will be end when reel rotate the time which being set by player or pressing Stop.
  2. The Bounty will be calculated followed Pay Table. The line bounty = the betting line X corresponding number with Pay Table. Scatter = total betting X corresponding number with Pay Table. You can see Pay Table by entering Info.
  3. With a payline chose, the highest winning payline form will pay when winning consecutively in different paylines which be added Incremental.
  4. In situation rotating win, Win area will show the incremental bounty. The winning Clock will be stopped by pressing anywhere in screen.
  5. When winning, pressing Gamble to activate Gamble mode.

Let’s enjoy Great Blue game and many more at UCW88 casino